1.Are my payments and information kept secure?
2.How can I get my serial number to reinstall the software?
3.What do I do if my handheld device or computer has crashed/been replaced and I need to acquire another copy of my software?
4.What is the latest version of the software?


1.Can I import flight information from other software products into Aloft?
2.Can I use Aloft on both my desktop and laptop?
 Yes, Aloft can be installed on two computers as long as the same logbook, for the same pilot, is on both systems. To copy the logbook from one system to the other use the Backup and Restore options on the File menu.
3.Does Aloft allow me to export the data to other programs?
4.How can I record aircraft FIN numbers?
5.How do I enter more then one flight for a day?
6.If I have Aloft installed on both my desktop and laptop, can I use Pocket Aloft to synchronize both desktop copies?
7.What is the latest version of Aloft or Pocket Aloft?


1.Does FlightCalc support millibars for altimeter settings?
2.How does the Flight Time and Air Time work on the main screen?


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