U.S. Coast Guard Aviator Depends on FlightCalc
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Excellent flight planning support tool
I've had a couple of versions of this program and it is getting better each time. The developers are really listening to pilot feedback to improve their product. This program covers the majority of calculations a pilot is likely to need for flight planning. I would like to see the ability to vary fuel SG, express CG as a MAC and a "quick and dirty" takeoff and landing performance program. Well worth the USD30 and I'm looking forward to future versions.
B. Jackson
Melbourne, Australia

A useful and well designed tool
This calculator replaces 95% of the functionality of your E6B/rotary slide rule and makes flight planning simple. It is also more acurate and I have found it speeds up planning time, and can easily be used en-route. Slightly improved graphics, a help feature and the ability to put S.G. into Fuel weight calculations would give it 5 stars.
B. Garrett
Oxford, UK

I've used many logbook programs, and this one is the best. You can track your times by clock, hobbs, or enter it yourself. It user definable fields if by some chance something you want to log isn't there. Add the desktop software and you can sync between them, so you fly and log it, come home and add it to your main log. It's a fast program, keeps track of currencies, and is well worth the money you'll spend to get it. Buy it now, you won't regret it.
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I just want to let you know that I am totally satisfied with the FlightCalc software I purchased.
My main purpose for investing in FlightCalc was for the weight and balance program. I am an Instructor Pilot for my company and it's nice to have a program like yours that I can set up for our individual aircraft. I had looked pretty hard for a weight and balance program and tried several before settling with FlightCalc.
Thanks again for a wonderful program.
Dave Ringenberg
MAF Instructor Pilot

Your quick response is very nice, thank you. ... I have liked your product from the start, and I am very pleased with the service that you provide to customers like myself. It is these type of responses that give me confidence in your company and Aloft products. I just wanted you to know that your people are doing a good job!
Thanks again,

I just wanted to take some time to give you a short feedback of the program. I'm really impressed by the new version, a lot of features improved. I like the Queries and the Currency-Check for all Certificates and Medicals as well as the Airport-Identifier-List and the Sunset table.
A. Luethi

I Love Aloft Flight Log…
Thanks for your help
J. Pierce

I found Aloft via internet. I tried a lot of free trials but Aloft gave me the best options en the easiest. Also the synchronisation with the desktop-version was the reason to buy Aloft.
E. Belderok

Thank you very much for this upgrade! I really enjoy (ed) working with you and to improve the product.
I really like and enjoy the new version. congratulations, very good job !!!


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