Skymark Technologies releases FBO Dispatcher

Jan. 2009 - Skymark Technologies releases FBO Dispatcher, a real-time, online aircraft dispatching software application
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Skymark Technologies releases Aloft version 5

Aug. 26, 2008 - Skymark Technologies releases Aloft version 5.
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Skymark Technologies' Aloft Flight Log added to Plane and Pilot's Learn To Fly Kit

Aug. 20, 2007 - The Student edition of Aloft Flight Log in now included in the Learn To Fly Kit from Plane and Pilot Magazine. The Learn To Fly Kit is a free kit of information available to all new pilots.

Skymark Technologies releases Weight & Balance v2.30

May 4, 2007 - Skymark Technologies releases Weight & Balance v2.30.

Skymark Technologies releases COPA Flight Log

Jan. 5, 2007 - Skymark Technologies, in partnership with COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association) has released the COPA Flight Log, a free electronic pilot logbook for all COPA members. The COPA Flight Log is a custom version of Aloft.

Skymark Technologies releases FlightCalc v2.10

May 1, 2006 - Skymark Technologies releases FlightCalc 2.10, a major upgrade to the product.

This new version add two new views to the product, an aircraft checklist and world wide time zones display.

The weight and balance calculator in FlightCalc has been updated to support variable fuel arms for rotary aircraft and offers the display of the arm limits for total weight values.

Skymark Technologies releases Student version of Aloft Logbook

October 1, 2005 - Skymark Technologies announced today the release of a free student edition of its Aloft Pilot Logbook product.

The Student Edition of Aloft is the electronic pilot logbook designed for the new, student pilot just starting to log flight time. It is a full-featured logbook, offering report and custom printing and flight tracking. The program accepts to up 100 flights and 3 hours per flight.

"The student version of Aloft is a great way for new pilots to start recording their flight time and track it throughout their training.", says Paul Cowan, Director of Engineering for Skymark Technologies. "Skymark is happy to offer a special, free, version of Aloft just for students to help them with their flight training."

Aloft is a powerful, feature rich electronic logbook designed to simplify flight time tracking and reporting. Offering a wide range of reports and customizable printouts Aloft is the logbook for all types of pilots.

The student edition is available for free from Skymark Technologies web site.

Aloft is also available in a Private and Commercial Edition.

Aloft is available from Skymark’s website at

Skymark Technologies releases Aloft version 4

August 12, 2005 - Skymark Technologies announced today the release of Aloft version 4. This is a major update to the product and offers several new features, including:

As well, Aloft is now available in three editions, for different types of pilots. There is a limited Student edition that is available free, a Private edition for the recreational pilot and a Commercial edition for the professional pilot.

Skymark Technologies releases FlightCalc version 2.00

November 3, 2004 – Skymark Technologies announced today the release of FlightCalc version 2.0. This version is a major update to Skymark’s very popular handheld flight planning software for the PocketPC.

FlightCalc offers the pilot a wide range of flight planning and complex in-flight calculations, hosted on a small powerful handheld computer. FlightCalc and the Pocket PC are a perfect pliot’s companion giving the pilot quick, accurate answers to complex calculations.

FlightCalc version 2 includes new features such as:

FlightCalc also features:

No other handheld software has as extensive a list of features as FlightCalc. The program has become invaluable to the wide range of pilots that use it worldwide. As one user stated “I love FlightCalc, by the way, I feel naked in the cockpit without it!”

FlightCalc is available from Skymark’s website at for only $35. Visit the website for upgrade pricing.

Press Release - April 14, 2004

Skymark Technologies releases a new version of Aloft Flight Log, v3.00

Aloft Flight Log v3.00 continues to soar by simplifying data entry while providing enhancements with reporting functions and increasing efficiencies for record management and flight planning.

Lakeland, Florida - April 14, 2004 - Skymark Technologies announced today at Sun 'n Fun, the latest release of Aloft Flight Log, their electronic logbook software program, known in the aviation industry as Aloft. This version continues to build on the program that has significantly increased its popularity worldwide and in addition, reflects the valuable feedback from their customers of what is wanted in an electronic logbook program.

Aloft Flight Log v3.00 includes new features such as managing Duty Times, tracking Ratings & Certificates and monitoring Flight Time Limits. Pilot Currency Checks & Alerting plus an airport database, Hobbs and Sun Rise/Sun Set time calculators have also been added.

Existing features such as Aircraft Characteristics, Queries and customized reporting have been enhanced to further increase the efficiency and flexibility of logbook management.

Aloft Flight Log, also available in a Pocket PC version that will synchronize with the desktop version has been upgraded to v3.00 as well. Pocket Aloft is the only handheld Pocket PC logbook that can fly solo without a desktop version.

Aloft Flight Log v3.00 is now available from Skymark's website at for only $75 US or $30 US for Pocket Aloft. Purchase both as a package for only $95 US. Visit the website for upgrade pricing.

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