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Pilot logbook management and record keeping has soared to new heights with Aloft Flight Log. A unique, full-featured electronic pilot logbook for all pilots ranging from student to ATPL.

Designed to streamline pilot logbook management, data entry into Aloft is quick and simplified while still providing advanced customization and unparalleled efficiency.

Aloft supports all FAA, Canadian and UK/European pilot record keeping requirments.

Aloft Pilot Logbook is available in three editions: Student, Private and Commercial, each for the different type of pilot. Compare the editions.

Aloft screen

"Your quick response is very nice, thank you. ... I have liked your product from the start, and I am very pleased with the service that you provide to customers like myself. It is these type of responses that give me confidence in your company and Aloft products. I just wanted you to know that your people are doing a good job! Thanks again,
Mike, Alaska

This program is great, I have used it for about 1 month now and it works. It is simple to understand and syncs as it should.
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"I've used many logbook programs, and this one is the best. ...
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Aloft Features

Unique, Single-Entry Format

Aloft Pilot Logbook is the market leader in electronic pilot logbook technology. With this unique format Pilots can enter flight time once and Aloft produces reports based on related flight information and aircraft type. That means quicker, more accurate, efficient data entry without scrolling from field to field to enter the same information.

Powerful Queries

Aloft's powerful Query Report Generator gives access to non-standard information and customize reporting accordingly. Looking for total night hours flown on a retractable type aircraft? What about the last time you flew a GPS approach? Aloft makes answering these types of questions quick and efficient - simply click to choose the parameters needed.

Logbook views

Aloft offers several very detailed, customizable reports...


The Logbook View creates a printable logbook similar to the traditional paper logbooks.  The layout is completely customizable, choose the fields and columns you need, the page size, titles and colors.

History Reports

Aloft has extensive flight history reporting.  Reports can be based on flight time or aircraft parameters.

Currency Checking

Checking currency is very simple and can define any type of currency check needed.  Aloft offers both pilot and flight based currencies. Pilot currencies track such items as medicals and flight reviews. Flight based currencies track items based on flight times, such as night and IFR currency. The report shows the date the currency is valid until, and what is required to keep the currency valid.

Calendar View

Quickly view monthly flight times on the Calendar view.

Ratings and Certificates

Keep track of ratings achieved and certificates earned.

More Unique Features...

Be amazed at the array of capabilities Aloft has to offer! Find out more about its unique features.

* Custom Fields for maximum flexibility. Create fields to record flight information as Young Eagle flights, mountain time, water landings - even track expenses.
* History Entries
History entries simplify entering past flights.
* Definable Aircraft Characteristics to optimize data entry. Automatically specify complex, aerobatic, tail wheel and other characteristics.
* Decimal hours and minute time formats
* Solo and PIC/Dual time entry
* FAA 8710 Report creation
* Departure and Arrival Time Log entries
* Listing Filter
The main logbook listing can be filtered to display only needed flights.
* Editable list of IFR approaches
* Exporting currency due dates to Microsoft Outlook
* File Attachments
Attach files, such as pictures to flights
* USB install
Aloft can be installed on a USB memory stick to take it with you. Just plug the memory stick in to any computer and use Aloft, no software needs to be installed on the remote computer.
* Signatures
Flights can have a signature, captured on Pocket Aloft, or with the mouse.
* Country Specification Selections customize features and field names by country.
* Desktop synchronization
Aloft can synchronize logbooks from two computers.
* Google Earth
View your flights with Google Earth.
* Sun Rise, Sun Set calculator
* Contacts to keep track of important contacts
* Easy Import and Export for exchanging data with other programs
* Meets all CARS 401.08 & FARS Requirements for flight crew record keeping

Commercial Edition

Designed for the professional pilot, the Aloft Commercial Edition offers additional features for the working pilot.

The Commercial edition of Aloft includes all the features of the Private edition, plus additional features and functions needed by the professional pilot.

Features unique to the Commercial edition

*Wider selection of flight positions
In addition to the standard flight positions of Dual, and PIC, the Commercial edition offers Instructor, SIC (co-pilot), Cruise, Engineer and PIC/us flight positions.
*Multi flight entry
Multiple flights for a day can easily be entered with the Multi Flight form
Define common routes for easier flight entry.
*Duty Times
Manage Duty Times based on user defined limits. Duty Times and flights are shown in a time line display.
*Flight Time Limit Monitoring & Reporting
Let Aloft monitor and send an alert when legal flight time limits approach or have been exceeded.
*Time Zones
Aloft allows flights and duty times to be entered in multiple time zones. Day and night flight time will automatically be calculated.
*Flight Categories
Organize different types of flying.
*Route & Crew fields
Record additional flight information.

Private Edition

Aloft Private edition is designed for the private pilot, who wants a full-featured electronic pilot logbook but doesn't need all the additional features in the Commercial edition.

Student Edition

The Student Edition of Aloft is the electronic pilot log book designed for the new, student pilot just starting to log flight time. It offers most of the standard features of the Private Edition, but is limited to 100 flights and 3 hours per flight.

With the Student Edition of Aloft Flight Log, time can be logged as PIC or Dual (as well as Solo for U.S. students).

Request serial number

The Student Edition of Aloft Flight Log is available for free simply by requesting a serial number. To request a serial number, enter your name and email address below and click Submit. A serial number will be emailed to you. The serial number will be related to your name and you will need to enter both your name and serial number to use the software.

The software requires a serial number to use it. To have a serial number emailed to you, enter your information in the following fields:

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